Jim Jones on the Turkee Gem


Jim Jones, creator of the Turkee (https://github.com/aantix/turkee/) Gem, will be gracing us with his presence to talk about integrating Amazon Mechanical Turk with Rails. Here's what he has to say:

Amazon's Mechanical Turk has long been used for scientific surveys and image classification. But it has a much greater potential. We'll explore the creative possibilities of Mechanical Turk including story creation, testimonials, production descriptions, and the testing of product ideas. I will demonstrate the basics of the service that will allow you to begin testing and iterating on ideas quickly. We'll conclude the presentation by showing an advanced example of integrating with Rails and Mechanical Turk utilizing the Turkee gem. Mechanical Turk could quickly become your swiss army knife for getting your project off the ground.

This might be a bit on the more advanced spectrum of speakers we have, but I think it's going to be great. So thanks Jim and http://Manilla.com . Also big shout out to LevoLeague (http://www.levoleague.com/signin.html) for hosting us and sponsoring pizza. See everyone then!

Again, we're only charging $5 to make sure that the RSVP list is meaningful and you actually show up because we have to limit capacity to 40 people. Email me ([masked]) with any questions. PS - Proceeds from the meetup will be donated to Diaspora (http://diasporaproject.org/). Super excited about this meetup!