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You’ve made a great decision by joining NYC Options Traders. You’re about to discover our uncommon Group for traders and investors.

There is a secret sauce to trading OPTIONS and now you’ll be able to move these secrets into your trading toolbox. There are a lot of trading groups in New York City but none that focus on practical trading information.

I would also venture to say none that give so much value free. You see myself and my co-organizer make our livings from the markets. If you attend our meet ups this will be a great tool for information.

Of course, nothing happens if you don’t come to the meet ups, take notes, and hang out to ask questions one on one. Remember, it’s better to leave with 2 or 3 great specific ideas that send you in the right direction than fill a notebook with useless information. Look out for an invite to our next meeting.

Ryan Nocera


I will also email you from my personal address in case you have some questions. I am here for you.

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