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What we’re about

NYC UX Acrobatics primary focus is the varied facets of UX design, research and usability. Our aim is to create monthly 'UX themed' workshop style meetings where members work with each other learning, discovering and networking on all things UX.

Potential topics: paper prototyping, experience maps, user research and testing, persona dev, a/b testing, front-end best practices, RWD (Responsive Web Design), PET Design (Persuasion, Emotion, and Trust Design), competitive analysis, sketching UX, content strategy, gamification, conversion optimization, expert reviews/heuristics, etc...

Finally, this meetup will not be limited to workshops alone. We also intend to have presentations on UX trends, best practices and methodologies from leading experts in their field.

About the name:

UX Acrobatics is a term used to express the varied and multi-disciplinary skills UX professionals have to possess in today's rapidly evolving digital world.

Just as real acrobatics use their coordination, flexibility and agility to perform amazing feats; UX professionals are required to have the mental agility to balance project objectives and scope while focusing on the best user experience, the technical flexibility to balance design and development constraints, with the coordination to reach deadlines while working across departments and job functions.