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State of the Art Animation on the Web

With the rise of mobile devices that don't support Flash, many animators have been left wondering what's next. GreenSock (—the creators of the industry-standard scripted animation tools TweenLite, TweenMax, and TimelineLite for Flash—have an answer. GreenSock converted all the animation tools Flash developers have loved and depended on for years to JavaScript and the results are stunning.

Come get a look at how the GreenSock Animation Platform (GSAP) ( for JavaScript is literally transforming the modern web. Brands like McDonalds, Samsung, Disney, Target, Chrysler and major movie studios are using GSAP to bring immersive animation back to the web and mobile devices. Awards sites like and are becoming literal showcases for what GSAP can do.

Carl Schooff of GreenSock will walk you through some eye-popping sites and demos while discussing the ways in which GSAP's features, performance and ease of use will help you take your interactive projects to the next level. Whether you design or build websites, games, mobile apps or HTML5 banner ads this presentation will be sure to inspire you.

About Carl Schooff

Carl Schooff has a passion for using computers to make ridiculous things. Since that wasn't necessarily the best way to pay the bills he found a close fit in being a Flash developer at various ad agencies. For over a decade he worked on all manner of interactive projects for big brands like GE, Frito-Lay, NYSE, AT&T, Wrigley, Nestle and more. Along his journey he became an Adobe Certified Flash instructor and avid blogger, 2 roles which sparked his interest in helping others enjoy creative expression through computer animation. As GreenSock's Geek Ambassador, Carl now has the privilege of showing people how GreenSock's tools can empower them to breathe new life into their HTML5 and JavaScript-based interactive projects.

Professional Networking!

We'll split our time between the presentation and a period of open networking. Please join us, and bring a friend to help our group grow!


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