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What we’re about

We are a pro-human, pro-technology, market-friendly environmental group.

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The purpose of this meetup group is to investigate the science, engineering, and economics of climate change and its solutions.

There will be *NO* talk of polar bears, whales, or baby seals.

We take what Al Gore says with a grain of salt.  He's a politician with a law degree, not a scientist.

We will devote considerable time to the debate over whether climate change is even happening, and whether it will be enough of a problem to justify action. Climate skeptics are very welcome to attend, but they should be aware that people who just come to disrupt, or who are rude, or shout and interrupt a lot, will not be tolerated.

We will be particularly interested in focusing on market-friendly solutions, particularly a Carbon Fee & Dividend.

We do not believe the problem can be addressed without bipartisan support, so a key goal of this group is to reach out to conservatives.  Why Bipartisanship?

Why should conservatives want to get involved in solving climate change?

Nuclear energy will be discussed, pro and con, though we are skeptical that climate change can be adequately addressed without it.

Geoengineering will be discussed, but only in terms of something that is not currently being done, as possible future strategy to reduce warming.  We will NOT be discussing conspiracy theories about how white trails behind jets currently in the sky contain anything other than water vapor.

For terminology, we will be calling the people who want action on climate change (which includes the organizer of this meetup) "climate activists".

The people on the other side we call "climate skeptics".  By "climate skeptic", we're including not only people who don't believe that the planet is warming and that it's human-caused (such people are becoming pretty rare), but also people who believe that warming is occurring, and that human activity is the cause, but no action of any kind is warranted.

Some people feel that reducing society's emissions of greenhouse gases is a simple matter of buying solar panels and windmills. It's not that simple -- the transition of our energy sector is a difficult and fascinating problem, and we will be discussing the engineering and economics of alternative energy.

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Pre-Event Discussion

Sometimes there will be pre-event discussion, as comments on the event page, the Facebook page, or the discussion board, about the topics. Rude comments will be deleted at the organizer's discretion, as will comments by people who won't be attending, especially if they are running down the topics.

Video Policy: Links to videos longer than 10 minutes will not be allowed on the pre-event discussion (the organizer will delete them).  If you want to share a video, create a thread for it on the message boards,  mentioning why you think it is worth watching, and hopefully, how much time in to skip to for the part that you feel is relevant.  The problem with people posting long videos is that they aren't skimmable, and often go on and on without getting to the point, and deter attendees from showing up because they don't have the patience to sit through them.