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ZFS & Zones: Your Big Data Fell Into My Compute!

As the amount of unstructured data has greatly exceeded a single computer's ability to process it, data has become increasingly isolated from the compute elements . The resulting haul from stores of record (e.g., SAN, NAS, S3) to transient compute (e.g., Hadoop, EC2) creates needless mechanical work and human labor. Is there a better way? In this talk, we'll explore the coming convergence of data and compute in the cloud, focusing in particular on Joyent's Manta, a new internet-facing object storage facility that features compute. We will describe the design principles for Manta, the engineering challenges in building it, and more generally, the opportunities presented by the convergence of compute and data.


Bryan Cantrill is the SVP of Engineering at Joyent, where he oversees worldwide development of the SmartOS ( and SmartDataCenter ( platforms, and the Node.js ( platform. Prior to joining Joyent, Bryan served as a Distinguished Engineer at Sun Microsystems, where he spent over a decade working on system software, from the guts of the kernel to client-code on the browser. In particular, he co-designed and implemented DTrace, a facility for dynamic instrumentation of production systems that won the Wall Street Journal's top Technology Innovation Award in 2006 and the USENIX Software Tools User Group Award in 2008. Bryan also co-founded the Fishworks group at Sun, where he designed and implemented the DTrace-based analytics facility for the Sun Storage 7000 series of appliances.