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Staying Informed with Kubernetes Informers

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Adarsh S. and 2 others


6:30pm - Doors open
6:30-7:00pm - Social
7:00-7:45pm - Talk by Robert Ross (Bobby Tables) from FireHydrant followed by Q&A
7:45-8:30pm - Social / Wrap Up

Thanks to Compass for sponsoring the venue.

Title: Staying Informed with Kubernetes Informers

Kubernetes state is changing all the time. Pods are being created. Deployments are adding more replicas. Load balancers are being created from services. All of these things can happen without anyone noticing. But sometimes we need to notice, however, for when we need to react to such events. What if we need to push the change to an audit log? When if we want to inform a Slack room about a new deployment? In Kubernetes, this is possible with the informers that are baked into the API and Go client. In this talk we’ll learn how informers work, and how to receive updates when resources change using a simple Go application.

Bobby is the founder of, and also previously worked as a staff software engineer at Namely, and also built things at DigitalOcean. He likes bleeding edge tech and making software that helps teams build better better systems. From deploying Spinnaker, Istio, and Kubernetes, he has cursed at a lack of docs and code spelunked through the code and loves telling the war stories about them.


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