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Gnostic Kabbalah; The Occult Tradition (Part 1)
"The Kabbalah is much more than an intellectually convincing philosophical system. It is a precise description of nature, intertwined in between the spiritual and physical reality; It is a total compendium of powerful, practical methods, to achieve dignifying objectives within those realities." Dion Fortune, Mystical Qabalah. Topics of discussion: Part 1 of this series: - The Occult Science of Kabbalah; The Knowledge of The Mystery Schools. - The two currents of Kabbalah; Beresheet & The Merkabah. (The Mysteries of Creation & the Alchemical creation of the inner "Divine Man".) Part 2 of This series: - The Two Trees; The Tree Of Life & The Tree of Knowledge. - The 10 sephirot of the tree of Life and the Inverted tree. Part 3 of this series: - "The Merkabah"; Alchemy and the birth of the Divine Man within. - Inner Alchemy of the Soul. ** Guided Meditation after each lecture. ***Doors open at 7:45 pm and close at 8:30 pm for the Meditation***

New York City Gnostic Education Center

41-26 60th st., Floor 1 · Woodside, NY

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What we're about

We are a School in NYC dedicated to the PRACTICAL STUDY of Gnosis and the path of the Self-Realization of the Soul. Lectures and Meditations offered every week.

Join us to learn about Meditation, Mysticism, Kabbalah, Esotericism, Astral Projection, and the mysteries of the human Consciousness. "The Gnostic teachings are based on the communion between science, art, philosophy and mysticism; THEY SEEK TO RESCUE THE HIGHEST VALUES OF THE HUMAN BEING (transcendental ethics; compassion, altruism, etc.) in order to be able to comprehend that life is empty without the pursuit of transcendence and the self-realization of the Being (Our higher Self)."

"Self-Realization is the result of a conscious battle. Intimate Self-Realization is only possible in isolated individuals with the help of adequate knowledge and methods. Such Intimate Revolution can occur only within the individual. The Revolution of the Consciousness is only possible in the sense of winning, of conquering our own latent possibilities, our own hidden treasures." Samael Aun Weor

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