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Meet other local people who enjoy Hula Hooping & Hoop dance! Anyone interested in hula hooping and hoop dance is welcome!
This NYC Meetup was created to jump start the hoop dance community in NYC and to help all NY hoopers connect.

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Foundations of Flow with a Hula Hoop followed by Open Flow

939 8th Ave


Hello hoop friends!

In this class, we will explore how using a hula hoop can open up all kinds of movement possibilities within your own hoop flow practice. We will take some simple concepts and then practice creating our own unique flow which will be different for everyone. Hoopdance can be a therapeutic and meditative experience. The goal of this class is for you to discover ways to find your own unique flow style and to continue growing with this practice.

This class will be a foundational level class, however all levels of hula hoopers are invited to attend. We will use primarily non-weighted off-body style hoops which will be provided, or you may bring your own if you like. There are no prerequisites for this class.

The class will be followed by an open flow jam in the usual style with community and music for everyone.

Class time may be adjusted with consensus. Please feel free to comment.

Cost will be approximately $20 and will depend on attendence. This will cover our expenses for the event. The more people who come, the less it will cost! You can pay via Venmo, Paypal, or cash at the location.

NYC Dance Parade Hoop Practice

Location visible to members

Hi Hoopers! We’re beginning our choreography for NYC Dance Parade on 5/20/23! It will be a simple routine for all levels - come be a part of bringing joyful movement to NYC
Price for rental room at Ripley Grier ranges between $15-20 depending on how many attend. They have four locations so depending on room availability it may be at one of the other three if main location is booked. Make new friends too:)!

NYC Hula Hoop Jam (Beginner-Advanced)

Ripley-Grier Studios


Hello hoop friends! Please join us on Tuesday, March 28th from 6:30pm - 8:30pm for a hoop jam. Come hoop in the warmth, hangout with other flowmies, and learn new tricks in the process.

All levels are welcome from those who've never picked up a hoop to those who are advanced prodigies in the making! Use our hula hoops or bring your own.

Cost to join is approximately $20; this will increase/decrease based on how many people show up and helps pay for the nice indoor space available. We will have everyone pay at the end of the jam in order to calculate costs correctly (& payment that will be accepted will be: Venmo, Paypal, & cold hard beautiful cash).

Looking forward to seeing everyone soon and let me know if you have any questions!

17th Annual NYC Dance Parade!

6th Avenue

Dance Parade returns to the streets Saturday May 20, 2023 and will celebrate the 17th Annual Parade and Festival with 10,000 dancers featuring over 100 unique styles of dance. A Ribbon Cutting Ceremony kicks off the event at 11:45am at 17th Street and Sixth Avenue (Avenue of the Americas)

Hi Hoop Friends! Join us this year bringing hoop dance to the parade!
To learn more about the parade visit danceparade.org

We are practicing a simple routine we will dance together as a group along the parade route:)
It is free to be in the parade! Reach out with any questions, more soon!

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Choreography Hoop Dance Practice

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