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Tracking Page Speed - with Sergey Chernyshev

Over the years, multitude of metrics were developed, from Time To First Byte and Page Load Time all the way to more modern and sophisticated ones like Time to First Paint, ATF, Speed Index and Frames per Second. One challenge with current performance metrics is that they all are proxies for user experience and do not translate directly into user satisfaction and business gains, but with each new metric we are getting closer to measuring what matters. Sergey will talk about pros and cons of technical metrics historically used to monitor performance, describe two core methods or measurement/monitoring (synthetic and RUM) and introduce latest developments in tracking user-centric metrics.

Architecting Front-End Applications for Fun and Profit - with Russell Wolf

For the past two years, Philosophie (the digital innovation consulting firm that I work for) and PricewaterhouseCoopers have been working together on a number of innovation projects. Though the teams involved in each project involve multiple companies, for the most part Philosophie is responsible for the design and implementation of these projects’ client applications. While all of us at Philosophie focus on design and innovation, as engineers on projects we also have to be able to build these solutions out as well, with a particular emphasis on good architecture design and speed (in order to run users tests, etc.). Consequently, over the course of these projects we’ve worked on a continually-evolving framework (theoretical and in-code) that allows us to move quickly and share code between projects while ensuring that what we’re building is production-grade.
This talk will detail our shared ideas on how to structure our front-end architecture to remain agile and re-usable while supporting project velocity and quality.

Hacking the Modern Web Browser with HTML5 - with Anthony Delgado from Fownders ( | linkedin (

The browser has evolved tremendously over the past decade and tasks that were once only accomplishable by a desktop application or a mobile 'app' are now able to be built and executed in the browser. Since the HTML5 spec was first released in 2012, the browser and as a result the wbe has come a long way. Today everything from Streaming Video, Voice and Video calling with webRTC, Geo-aware web apps and even augmented reality can all be accomplished in a browser. In this talk I am going to outline all of the amazing things that can be accomplished in today's modern web browsers and how you can push the limits of your web apps and make the app store jealous.