Catch an intro to Apache Ignite and skyrocket Java applications

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Apache Ignite is an in-memory computing platform that is strongly consistent and highly-available, with powerful SQL, key-value, compute, machine learning and other data processing APIs. It enables high-performance transactions, real-time streaming, and fast analytics in a single, comprehensive data access and processing layer.

Join Fotios Filacouris as he introduces the many components of the open-source Apache Ignite. You, as a Java professional, will learn how to solve some of the most demanding scalability and performance challenges. He will also cover a few typical use cases and work through some code examples. Hope to see you there so you can leave ready to fire up your database deployments!

Fotios Filacouris is a senior solutions architect at GridGain Systems. Prior to joining GridGain in April 2017, Foti was a senior engineer at EnterpriseDB and EtQ. At GridGain, he helps customers solve problems and answer questions on-site as well as online. He is also an expert in market research, helping the product team enhance current products and services as well as to identify new areas of opportunity. Foti is based in New York City.

A special thanks to Amazon for our location this month, as well as pizza, soda, beer, and swag.