Chain Reactive: Client-Server Framework For Mobile


Chain Reactive is a client-server framework for building better mobile line-of-business apps with reactive properties and JSON Patch. Apps are better in that the UI is very responsive, and comes alive by quickly reflecting user interactions and data changes made on both the current and other clients. Apps are faster and easier to build in that most of the client-side and server-side code you write is business logic instead of infrastructure.

Expressing business logic and implementing features becomes frictionless once you learn the high-level concepts underlying the framework – like interconnected properties that always have up-to-date values – and the techniques to take advantage of them. You can then stay focused on fulfilling actual business needs, while relying on the framework to breathe life into your logic and features across clients. For more information, see

Speaker: Adrian Alexander Pinter

Adrian is a .NET developer with 25+ years’ experience. He’s spent the past seven years developing Saucepos, a multilingual Point-of-Sale app, while also developing Chain Reactive as a foundation for current and future projects. He’s a perfectionist and an idealist with a low tolerance for verbose code or standard but deficient architecture. He codes for maximum flexibility and maintainability, and he thrives on the challenges faced in creating new and better architecture.