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Getting Started with Azure Blob Storage + Android Surface Duo Demo

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Sara M.


Getting Started with Azure Blob Storage.

Do you want to safely upload files and retrieve them from the cloud? You can do so with Azure Blob Storage. ABS allows you to upload blob files securely with a few lines of code and retrieve them via portal or programmatically. Learn how to integrate a Blob Storage Service inside of your C# .Net application in a few minutes.

I will also go over the new Android Surface Duo hotness by displaying the media from the blob in a Xamarin.Forms Surface Duo mobile app.

Speaker Bio:
Sara is a software developer at QuadPay working on some pretty cool stuff in the mobile payments and shopping industry. Before that, she has developed applications for all kinds of clients – from healthcare to retail and finance and that paved way to finding interesting approaches to solving complex problems. Her passions lie in developing products that consumers love to use and her hobbies include binge-watching Netflix shows and exploring new neighborhoods.