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We are the Source for Multifamily & Commercial Real Estate Resources in The Five Boro's, Suburbs of New York City and North Jersey .

We will have twice a month meetings so that you can make the business connections you need, get financing on yor next project, meet Realtors who have that next Income Producing property you are looking for and realize your dreams of owning investment properties!


Come out andmeet the right connections through this savvy investor networking group. These entrepreneurs are focused on building wealth through cash flow rental income in commercial, apartment, multifamily, and residential property, including distressed assets and foreclosures. Create opportunities, find private money, network, and learn how to put together deals correctly.

We’ll focus on beginning and advanced strategies and business opportunities in the commercial & apartment building markets throughout the country, but also local to New York. We provide a forum in New York (NYC) for real estate investors to partner up together. We are adamant about doing the right thing in this industry that has had so many wrongs done.

We want to help facilitate discussion and the exchange of different investor perspectives, and share successful tactics and strategies the leadership team has applied in both the residential and commercial investing arenas. Join us on now on Meetup to discover our next roundtable discussion, find our LIVE meetings throughout New York, and learn about what you need to know to actually make money through Real Estate! You will also gain invitations to our private networking events, presentations, and conference calls to discuss strategies and current investment deals.

All investors, from new to very experienced, are welcome! Don't miss any of our live events! There is always something to learn, investment opportunities to participate in, networking with some of the local (and national) best real estate professionals & more! If you have a topic you are completely versed in and want to share it in a live setting with our group email us today and we can make it happen. If you have a real estate related question and you want a solution...get in touch with us today!

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