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#NYCPrivacy supporters demand that the city create strong policies and oversight to keep pace with a torrent of new technologies which have the potential for unintended disclosure of individuals’ data.

The public should be allowed into the policy discussion concerning the fate of their own information, specifically in deciding what gets protected and from whom.

Having a strong citywide policy, for example, could prevent the LinkNYC advertising partners from collecting data from bystanders. As it is, the LinkNYC privacy policy only protects users of the free WIFI service, not the general public. This is a great concern since this data collection is a very real technical possibility.

#NYCPrivacy advocates for the creation of a Privacy Guidelines Board to advise city legislators and agencies in the creation of policies that will protect our data from being misused, as well as to serve as a conduit for receiving the community’s concerns.

#NYCPrivacy draws inspiration from the successes of the advisory boards in Seattle and Oakland, which have been created to address the privacy concerns that new technology presents.

#NYCPrivacy’s position is that as New York City integrates ever more powerful technologies into a large population center, a privacy guidelines board representing citizens is urgently needed.

For information or to get involved, please visit https://privacyboard.nyc

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