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PyData Boston Warm-up @ Percolate

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NYC Python and Percolate will be hosting an event for PyData Boston ( speakers to get feedback from the community.


** Chris Halpert (Meetup)

Data Manipulation With pandas

Data manipulation is an essential and often time-consuming task. Pandas offers high-level tools which make data manipulation and analysis easier. This talk will introduce fundamental concepts and we'll work our way to common data wrangling tasks, including: slicing, missing data, grouping, merging and joining, pivoting, statistical functions, and plotting.

** Greg Lamp and Austin Ogilvie (Yhat)

Building a beer recommender in Python

** Saul Diez-Guerra

My First Numba

Numba is an just-in-time specializing compiler which compiles annotated Python and NumPy code to LLVM (through decorators). Its goal is to seamlessly integrate with the Python scientific software stack and produce optimized native code.

** James Powell (NYC Python)

Embeddings of Python

James will show a glimpse of Python 3 running from within Python 2.