PyGotham Proposal Brainstorming


Have you ever wanted to submit a conference proposal but didn't know where to start? Join NYC Python (@NYCPython ( at Squarespace (@Squarespace ( for an evening of proposal brainstorming!

PyGotham ( is NYC's very own annual Python conference and is a great place for both first time and veteran speakers. The goal is to get you thinking about potential talk topics and how to construct a proposal that will make the organizers sing with joy!

The first part of the evening will be a panel made up of current and former PyGotham organizers, and we'll have a structured conversation about what makes a good proposal and how to brainstorm one. The second part of the evening, we'll break into small groups and draft up our very own proposals, with a little time at the end for sharing our proposals with the crowd.

Many thanks to our sponsor Squarespace ( for providing a venue and refreshments for this event!