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Event Night: Lightning Talks & Talk Practice Night! @ Metis

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Nick O. and 2 others


Does anyone want to give a talk? This is your chance to get on stage!

This Thursday we're doing ⛈Lightning⛈ Talks! ☈☔ (!

What is a Lightning Talk?

A lightning talk...
• ... is a 5-minute talk on any topic (as long as its not a marketing pitch.)
• ... can be given by anyone, even someone totally new to Python! (Share your experiences learning Python!)
• ... often about something cool you just learnt or some open source software you wrote.
• ... but doesn't need slides and doesn't even need to be prepared!
• ... but doesn't even need to be about Python or about something technical (as long as its not a pitch)!

Sign-up to speak here: (Signing up in advance isn't required -- if you'd prefer, just show up and talk)

...Need an idea for a talk? The above spreadsheet includes talk ideas!

...Want to see someone give a talk on a specific topic? Add a request to the spreadsheet above!

...Want to give a talk? Jessica Garson has written up some great advice on how to prepare and make the most of it! See it here!

Doors open at 6:00; event ends at 8:30. You must be on the RSVP list to attend.

Refreshments and venue generously provided by Metis. Big THANK YOU to Metis!

· New York, NY