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Join NYC Python and Beeswax for a night of talks and networking on software, web dev, and data science with Python!

Ron Rothman (Principal Engineer, Beeswax)
Steven Rosa (Data Scientist, FanDuel)
Ben Green (Software Engineer, Bloomberg)


Ron Rothman
“Concurrent Python at Beeswax”

Ron is a proud native New Yorker, PhD dropout, and Beeswax's first employee.


Steven Rosa
"Benford's Law using pandas/numpy, or, Math-is-Fun-with-Python"

In this talk we will explore the logarithmic implications of Benford's Law, investigating the idea of natural randomness versus fake computer-generated randomness.


Ben Green
"Configuring uWSGI for Production: The defaults are all wrong"

While powerful, uWSGI's defaults are driven by backward compatibility and are not ideal for new deployments. A configuration presented in this talk makes use of several "no-cost" uWSGI features that help protect services from common, yet difficult to prevent issues such as memory leaks and stuck processes. We'll also talk about some programmatic uWSGI features which can be leveraged to improve reliability.

Doors @ 6:00 pm, event starts at 6:30 pm.

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Thank you Beeswax for sponsoring this event!

Beeswax is an easy to use, massive scale and high availability advertising platform founded by industry veterans who worked together at Google. We are a New York-based start-up building the next generation of real-time bidding software. Beeswax enables sophisticated marketers to break free from the limitations and constraints of opaque, one-size-fits-all programmatic buying platforms.

Under the hood, Beeswax's Programmatic Cloud™ is a large scale, high performance distributed system, implemented on AWS. With infrastructure responsible for millions of queries per second with a 99%-ile latency of 30ms, engineers at Beeswax are concerned about optimizing for scale, performance, and cost.