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Python Meetup During DataWeek / Strata Conference

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In October the Python Meetup will be part of the DataWeek activities and co-located with Strata Conf ( Special thanks to O'Reilly for hosting us at the Hilton in October (As usual, there are no sign-in sheets, and recruiters must announce themselves while mingling).

You can find the event in the Sutton Center/South room at the Hilton.

Data Science and Engineering at Netflix
Kurt Brown, Netflix

This talk will be on Python use in Data Science & Engineering at Netflix. Some notable areas include a tool (Sting) we built to dynamically filter, aggregate, and visualize Hive data. Sting leverages pandas, NumPy, and CherryPy (among other things). We’ll also talk through our use of Python for the business logic of all our Pig jobs, our broad use of Python for tools and automation, and how Python use continues to grow throughout Netflix.

Generators in Python
Vivek James Powell

I'll cover iterators as a fundamental concept of Python, at howgenerators and generator expressions work, at generators as a form of delayed computation, at generators as a mechanism for streamed dataprocessing, and at generators in the context of broader computer sciencetheory (i.e., as coroutines).

Compiling Python with Numba Travis Oliphant, CEO and co-Founder at Continuum Analytics Python is a favorite language for many domain experts because it lets them get to solutions quickly. Sometimes, particularly for numerical or compute-intensive code those solutions are not fast enough even with great extensions like NumPy. Numba is an array-aware Python compiler that takes Python code and creates machine code using the LLVM infrastructure, which allows the solutions to be fast as well. A simple decorator on your functions provides speed-ups of 10x to 1000x. We will discuss the progress and roadmap of Numba with examples.

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