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Our Group Mission is:

1. Bring together a group of people who love to explore and live a healthy lifestyle in NYC. In addition to Running, we will also be expanding to announcing/organizing/hosting various Sports and Health related events(with an occasional party,trip, etc thrown in). See you out there!.

2. If we can't host/plan and event, we still want to be your source for great things to do in NYC. You social life is a big key to health/wellness, which is what this group is all about. We will be sending out a daily email of the Top Things To Do each day(most will be free too!). The email will also be archived on our message board so people can comment and gather there. If we cant host the event ourselves, we still hope members can reach out and get together. ****Please not if you do not wish to receive our daily email, you can adjust your settings so you do not get the email ***

We are all about HEALTH, fun, social, and networking. Events will be in a melting pot of different things, kinda like our great city. Look forward to meeting you!

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Turn Social Anxiety into Self-Acceptance

Online event

Click below for full info and to RSVP for FREE: https://events.humanitix.com/turn-social-anxiety-into-self-acceptance-41or7r1u Description: Fall out of panic attacks and make peace with your past Your journey starts here "I had realisations about myself from this webinar than I ever had in 2 years of therapy." Deeqa "Jessica is very knowledgeable in her field. she understands well the link between childhood trauma and relationship abuse later in life. I recommend her as a life coach, particularly in the area of healing relationship trauma." Karen Knibbs "Thank you Jessica for the webinars. You’re so in-tuned and en pointe about what needs to be healed, and understand where we were coming from. I highly recommend working with her thoroughly to not only heal yourself or clear any trauma or wounding, but more importantly, through this, to help understand more, love and take care of ourselves. Blessings." Rachel Ngui "I now understand how my life has been like it is and the type of men that have been attracted to me. Jessica helped me. I give her five stars for helping me with my relationships." Michelle Turnley Imagine how your life would be like... -If you knew it would be safe to be your true self -If you could feel safe in any kind of relationship -If your self-esteem and self-worth has been restored -If you have the confidence and clarity to move forward in the right direction -If a heavy burden has been lifted off your shoulders -If you could lower the intensity of your anxiety and make peace with your past Fall out of panic and into peace. Move from apprehension to alignment. Rise above isolation and loneliness. Here's what you'll gain from Turn Social Anxiety to Self-Acceptance Webinar... 1. Why most people are using mainstream clinical therapy and why they are still feeling lost and stuck. 2. How 5 different types of childhood trauma contributes to social anxiety. 3. Why trusting your gut is far more powerful than fear in any interaction. 4. What's the 1 thing you need to lower the intensity of your anxiety. This webinar isn't for you if... -You’re sceptical, narrow-minded and expect things to change for you -You suffer from neurological mental health conditions (please see your psychologist) -You heavily rely on medication, illicit drugs and alcohol -You want tips and tricks or looking for a quick fix -You’re watching this because you’re going to wing it from free info and advice -You're a psychologist, therapist, life coach, healer or counsellor (please do not join - this webinar is designed for a traumatised audience) -You're looking for couples' therapy -You haven't tried any clinical therapy such as seeing a psychologist, counsellor or therapist Who is this webinar for? -You’re willing to do whatever it takes to change your current situation -You're willing to come into this webinar with an open mind and participate to expand your awareness -You know you’re worth the commitment, time and money to heal your heartache -You're willing to put your beliefs aside and watch this webinar with new eyes -You tried clinical therapy but you haven't got massive results or success from it -You’re driven by results and thrive on success -You’re not afraid to go out of your comfort zone to get what you want -You suffer from stress, anxiety, dysfunctional family dynamics, childhood trauma, low self-esteem, relationship abuse, sexual abuse or relationship break downIf this sounds like you, this webinar is for you! Let's move beyond mountains and find your YOU. Click below for full info and to RSVP for FREE: https://events.humanitix.com/turn-social-anxiety-into-self-acceptance-41or7r1u ***If for some reason you can't attend and you're 110% ready to do whatever it takes to get to the other side then let's chat! Book a free 30 minute online private consultation here: https://calendly.com/lifeinconfidence.

New Virtual Event For Health & Wellness Practitioners

Online event

Join Us Live As Robert's Guest! Visit Here To Learn More & Register For FREE (you'll also receive full event recording) www.VirtualHappyEvent.com Happiness Retreat ~ Your Journey to Achieve Freedom & Abundance in Your Business and Life Join Marketing Expert Robert Notter for this event and learn: * Exact system to get and keep paying clients so you're fulfilled * How to charge what you're worth and move past money blocks * Steps to create an understandable marketing plan for consistent profits * Design your practice to create the security and freedom you desire * How to use neuroplasticity to overcome fears and self-doubt * Effective ways to use the Law of Vibrational Harmony to fill your programs * Create and nurture community to grow your business and income

Hike with your dog, with transportation from NYC

The North Face Broadway

PLEASE NOTE: THIS IS A PRE-PAY ONLY EVENT Please read carefully: This event is being hosted by Adventure Untamed ( https://www.adventureuntamed.com/trip/hike-and-pups-new-location/). The number of people you see registered on your MeetUp represents only a portion of those actually attending. If you have any questions or want to know more details, don't hesitate to contact [masked] COST: $89 if driving to meet; $109 with transportation from NYC. PRE-PAY BY CLICKING ON THE LINK BELOW: https://www.adventureuntamed.com/trip/hike-and-pups-new-location/ Take your best friend on an outdoor adventure! Escape the City to explore lakes and ponds while navigating the woods together. Your pup will get a chance to frolic in nature while you are enjoying a day of hiking. After a day of excitement, your pup will be tuckered out and happy to have spent the day in the wild. This trip is perfect for medium and large dogs, or active small dogs. Your dog must get along well with other dogs and people. Level: RELAXED https://www.adventureuntamed.com/info/?tab=1 Mileage: 5 miles Elevation Gain: 921 feet Wear Hiking boots Weather-appropriate, moisture-wicking, athletic clothing (no cotton) Wool or synthetic socks (no cotton) Waterproof gloves Warm hat Buff Sun hat Sunglasses Pack Insulating puffy and insulating pants Fleece / mid layer Windproof/waterproof top and bottom layers that can fit over all other layers Lunch Ample Snacks At least two (3) liters of water Plenty of water and a bowl for your pup Treats for your pup Towel for your pup Leash for your pup Backpack Sunscreen Hand / foot warmers (optional) Extra layers to adjust for changing weather conditions Extra pair of wool socks Trekking poles (optional) A change of clothes for the ride back (optional)

The Science of Natural Healing Free Masterclass

Online event

Click link below for full info and to get FREE access to the workshop: https://bit.ly/NaturalHealingMasterclass *Please note that this is FREE, you will need to create an account to participate online. Your support helps keep this group going during these tough times. Message me with any questions on this. Description: There is no better time than now to get right with your health! In the 21st century, the Western paradigm for healthcare is changing. Notwithstanding the great strengths of medical science, many people now have concerns about key features of our health-care system—among them, the widespread use of medical drugs and a relative deemphasis on preventive care. But traditional Western medicine is not the only healing system rooted in science. Medical systems from other cultures, including those of India and China, have used natural treatments for centuries, some of which are now directly influencing our own health-care professions. These approaches not only emphasize healing with natural substances, but devote considerable attention to illness prevention and healthful living by considering the whole person rather than just targeting a condition. What is the most effective way to nurture your own optimal health? Are there sound alternatives to the drugs so common in our health-care system, which can carry unwanted consequences and side effects? What about the range of natural methods, such as herbal medications, micronutrients, and the use of food itself as medicine? Are these approaches valid? And, if so, can we integrate the best of Western medicine with the best natural treatments to enjoy prime health and longevity? In our The Science of Natural Healing Masterclass, board-certified cardiologist Dr. Mimi Guarneri, founder of the Scripps Center for Integrative Medicine, leads you in a compelling and practical exploration of holistic approaches to healthcare, introducing you to the many nature-based treatments and methods that are both clinically proven and readily available to you. In 24 incisive and revealing lectures, you look deeply into the science behind natural treatments and preventive healthcare, including how medical conditions ranging from high blood pressure to heart disease and diabetes can be treated naturally with remarkable effectiveness. You also discover, perhaps surprisingly, that a large number of ailments and illnesses that we usually accept as part of life are in fact directly linked to lifestyle factors—and that positive changes in lifestyle, diet, and physical activity can have a major effect in both preventing and treating illness. Also, as a follow up to this workshop, once we get back to 'normal' offline events, we will look to collaborate with other 'health' and wellness-related events to compare results and discuss more amongst each other. Click link below for full info and to get FREE access to the workshop: https://bit.ly/NaturalHealingMasterclass *Please note that this is FREE, you will need to create an account to participate online. Your support helps keep this group going during these tough times. Message me with any questions on this.

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