Learn about a new approach to filtering spam and phishing called DMARC


Topic: Learn about a new approach to filtering spam and phishing called DMARC

DMARC is a very long acronym which purpose is to reduce the amount of spam and phishing emails which sneak into your email system. In this presentation, we'll go into DMARC why it is important, how it works, and how to deploy it for FREE. DMARC protection is available for Exchange in the Private and Public Clouds.

DMARC = Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting and Conformance

Speaker: Ben Serebin

Speaker Bio: Ben Serebin, President & Founder of the NY Exchange User Group (NYExUG). Ben has been involved in IT for almost 20 years. He is the president and owner of REEF Solutions, a firm founded 16 years ago. Productivity and data privacy are core to his beliefs. He is passionate in a number of non-profits/community organizations such as: NYCwireless.net, NYExUG.com, Pleasantville Friends of STEM, Foodchester, EFF, and the Consumer Reports Food Safety Center.

Sponsor: REEF Solutions LLC


New Microsoft office. 11 Times Square, between 42nd & 41st on 8th Avenue. Located across from Port Authority.

Doors Open 5:45pm and dinner arrives at 6pm. Presentation starts 6:30pm.

Please visit the official NYExUG website (http://www.nyexug.com/) posting for full meeting details such as Speaker BIO's, Product details, and more.

FREE, Open to Public, and includes dinner. RSVP via meetup and include your full name.


5:45pm - doors open/dinner arrives
6:30pm - main topic
8:30-9pm - meeting ends

The meetings occur every 2nd Tuesday of every Month.

At our monthly meetings we have 1 or 2 main presentations covering various topics and discuss troubleshooting problems, adding new features and functionality, reviewing new products, and meeting/networking with other IT people (Exchange Admins, SysAdmins, IT Manager, IT Help Desk Support, CTOs, etc). Great way to learn about Microsoft Exchange Server in small, medium, and enterprise environments.

You can view past presentations on our website: nyexug.com

Past topics include: in-depth look at Microsoft's Redmond Dog-Food lab, live software replication demonstration, live hardware replication demonstration, Multi-site deployment recommendations, Configuring your firewall for Exchange 2003 and SP2 Changes (for the firewall), Moving your Exchange Server to a new Internet Connection, Groove, Exchange 2007, SAN Storage Solutions, Exchange Scaling Up, Server-side anti-spam solutions, Disaster Recovery, Outlook Direct Booking, Troubleshooting Exchange, Intro to Exchange and DNS, etc.