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NYLUG Open Hacker Hours (Room 504)

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You're invited to hack along with the New York Linux Users Group!

We are very kindly hosted by the New York Amatuer Computer Club ( which meets at NYU.

We are in the Silver Building. See How to Find Us for the room #.
Message the organizers via meetup app or message @nylug if you can't find us.

Please have a government issued form of ID with you.

This is a peer-supported workshop where we get together to share current challenges and approaches to solving problems or to just work alongside like-minded individuals and learn through osmosis.

This event is NOT a lecture-style meeting. The agenda is generally set when someone poses a question, so bring questions!

Some topics up for discussion are:

• Install and configuration assistance

• Documentation, standards, and best practices

• Current events/Conventions

• Release testing and bug reporting

• Getting started with languages like Python and LaTeX

• -Other projects (Pi/Arduino/Analog devices)

We will also have brief (approx. 5-10 minute) lightning talks, so please speak with a coordinator if you're interested in sharing some of your work.

A laptop is not required but strongly recommended.

Bring a project, topic, and questions and work with other enthusiasts on using Linux or get assistance with your own Linux/Open Source projects. Geeks are more sociable solving problems rather then just talking about themselves.

32 Waverly Pl · New York, NY