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What we’re about

We are a group of UX designers, developers, information architects, content strategists, and design leaders who love to geek out about OOUX and its surrounding topics.
New to OOUX? Come on in! We are excited to have you. 🥂
Been practicing OOUX for years? Awesome. We will be exploring new ideas and trading notes on what works. Do you have a great case study or a new angle? We'd love to have you as a member and a speaker, too! 🥂
OOUX meetups start with a few brief rounds of networking and then we have a speaker and a discussion. Our speakers are Certified OOUX Strategists or industry thought leaders that OOUXers can learn from. 
Come prepared with your notepad and beverage of choice—whether that's whiskey or la croix, red wine or green tea. 

EVENTS ARE RECORDED! To get a link to the recording in your inbox a few days after the event, please subscribe to the OOUX Newsletter. Or, you can check back at Or subscribe to my channel on YouTube.

OOUX is a philosophy for designing digital systems that respects the fact that people think in objects and need consistent, recognizable objects to understand an environment or product. It's not just developers that think OO. Our users do, too—and so should designers!
OOUXers deliberately align their software to their user’s real-world mental model of concrete, defined objects. We try to design our abstract digital worlds to be naturally intuitive as the physical world.