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Analyzing Time Series Data in Observable: Hands-on Workshop

Do you need to analyze data that changes hourly? Do you come into work, look at a chart and ask yourself "is this normal?" Are you interested in being able to see abnormal events as they happen? Then this is the workshop for you! In this workshop we will explore how to make and use simple charts to uncover complex patterns over time. We will introduce a variety of powerful visualization and interaction techniques for getting more insight out of your time series data.

This hands-on workshop will start by loading in real public data, exploring it using Observable Plot (https://observablehq.com/@observablehq/plot) and finding insights and patterns with the techniques demonstrated in our series: Analyzing Time Series Data with Observable (https://observablehq.com/@observablehq/analyzing-time-series-data-in-observable)

At the end of the workshop you should feel empowered to visualize your business data in a variety of new ways, whether you're working with user adoption rates, logistic, operations, finance or anything else that changes over time!

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