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Behavior Therapy Group Class
This meetup is for the dogs who have issues with other dogs or other people. They may get tense, stare, cower, try to run away, growl, bark, lunge, or carry on in some other way when they see a trigger. We help dogs feel more comfortable in their own skin, safer in their environments, trust their owners, and overcome their fears. Exercises include: • Handler focus exercises to help out of control, nervous, or hypervigilant dogs. • Interacting with the environment in a fun way. • Counter conditioning using games from Control Unleashed (CU) • Desensitization using games from Behavior Adjustment Training (BAT) • Basic obedience cues. Here are the rules: • We recommend you bring extra tasty treats (or a valuable toy, whichever your dog works for best) and water for your dog. • Even though we don't allow guests to RSVP, you are welcome to bring one other person with you (such as a spouse or partner) to observe the training. Only one person should train the dog for each meetup in its entirety. Organizers may recommend that the handlers switch if we feel it would benefit the dog. • As this is a positive training group; shock collars, prong collars, and choke collars are banned from all meetups. • We recommend martingale collars for well-trained dogs, front-clip harnesses for mild pullers, and head collars for severe pullers or very reactive/potentially aggressive dogs. • No leashes longer than 6-feet permitted, and no retractable leashes. • Due to the nature of this meetup, personal space bubbles are crucial, and they need to be very large at first. There are no greetings allowed during the meetup. • If your dog has a bite history, please condition your dog positively to wear a muzzle for meetups. We recommend the Baskerville Ultra, available on Amazon. • Some dogs are at the extreme end of the behavior spectrum, and may not be ready for this meetup. One of the organizers will kindly let you know after the meetup that this is not the best fit for your dog at this time. You are welcome to pursue private training with us or elsewhere, and try again at any time. By participating in this meetup, owners accept responsibility for their dog's actions and cannot hold IDOGS organizers liable for any damages done.

Baker Ranch Community Park

26380 Rancho Pkwy South Lake Forest, CA 92610 · Lake Forest , CA


What we're about

This group is designed for: average pet owners to get help maintaining proper socialization or getting remedial assistance with a fearful dog; service dogs in training who need practice for the public access test; therapy dogs preparing to pass the Canine Good Citizen (CGC) test; and dogs who just have a lot of energy and need it drained on a nice, long hike out in nature.

Dogs who are reactive, bark, lunge, growl, cower, tremble, or otherwise seem uncomfortable in various social situations are welcome to attend the Behavior Therapy Group Class! We use methods that empower the dog to make the right choices, and educate the owner to help their dog through times of distress until both achieve harmony.

We have an event for everybody. If not, let Tasha know, and she can see about scheduling something to suit your needs.


• It is important to RSVP to the meetups if you are attending.

• A 4 or 6-foot leash is required at all times per city law, no exceptions. No flexi leashes, please.

• Owners maintain responsibility and liability for their dogs actions at all times; IDOGS organizers as well as the city of the event's location cannot be held responsible or liable.

• If we feel your dog is not a good fit for the group yet, or if you would like some additional, personalized training help, you can contact Tasha at or visit her website,

• Please check your email prior to attending to ensure the meetup has not been cancelled due to weather or personal emergency of the organizers.

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