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Time to put our training to work in the real world and go on a nice nature hike. If your dog is not ready for a group hike, please attend our Behavioral Therapy walk. Please bring: • Water for you and your dog • Treats in a treat pouch, as well as a whistle for a recall should your dog get away from you • Have your dog in a suitably comfortable hiking harness (or else the equipment needed for behavior management) • Hiking shoes for your dog, if you like • A coat for you and your dog, depending on the weather -- this is likely to last at least an hour, and up to 2 or 3. • 6' or shorter leash (no flexis, please!) as per park rules • Wear your hiking shoes & comfortable clothes suitable for hiking in rougher terrain • SPRAY SHIELD citronella spray to ward off threatening wildlife (in the unlikely event we encounter any coyotes or mountain lions) • Doggie & human first aid supplies in your pack There is a Wilderness Pass required for the limited parking, available for purchase at REI. However, the fine for not having a pass is the cost of a pass, so don't worry if you forgot. Dogs must be on-leash (6' or less) the entire time, and respect that other dogs may not appreciate being greeted and keep a safe distance or ask permission to greet from other owners. Typical disclaimer: by attending, you acknowledge 100% responsibility for your dog, the inevitable risks of attending a hike with other dogs in a public park, and cannot hold IDOGS organizers liable for any damages.

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This group is designed for: average pet owners to get help maintaining proper socialization or getting remedial assistance with a fearful dog; service dogs in training who need practice for the public access test; therapy dogs preparing to pass the Canine Good Citizen (CGC) test; and dogs who just have a lot of energy and need it drained on a nice, long hike out in nature.

Dogs who are reactive, bark, lunge, growl, cower, tremble, or otherwise seem uncomfortable in various social situations are welcome to attend the Behavior Therapy Group Class! We use methods that empower the dog to make the right choices, and educate the owner to help their dog through times of distress until both achieve harmony.

We have an event for everybody. If not, let Tasha know, and she can see about scheduling something to suit your needs.


• It is important to RSVP to the meetups if you are attending.

• A 4 or 6-foot leash is required at all times per city law, no exceptions. No flexi leashes, please.

• Owners maintain responsibility and liability for their dogs actions at all times; IDOGS organizers as well as the city of the event's location cannot be held responsible or liable.

• If we feel your dog is not a good fit for the group yet, or if you would like some additional, personalized training help, you can contact Tasha at or visit her website,

• Please check your email prior to attending to ensure the meetup has not been cancelled due to weather or personal emergency of the organizers.

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