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What we’re about

Welcome ASL speakers and learners.

My name is Robert and I’m an ASL student. I started this group to practice with others. NOTE: I am not an ASL teacher. I’m just an ASL student who wanted a group to practice with. 

If you're also learning ASL and want to practice, or if you're already proficient (speaking/hard of hearing/or deaf) and just want to talk, join us! We have meetings weekly -- on zoom and/or outdoors in person. At each event, there's no mandatory agenda. If you're nervous and just want to watch, that's ok. Most of the time we just chat and joke. If you are fluent, you are welcome to join and chat.

If you want practice, come prepared to strike up conversation. The Meetup is usually immersive - meaning no English is spoken. We use voice rarely. When we get really confused, we usually write or use the Zoom chat.

If you need sources to help you learn sign check this out

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