What we're about

Yes, we have revamped for 2017!

If you are seeking...

Real Conversations

Community Building

Professional Development

Networking Opportunities

...oh, and Happy Hour, please come join us!

Meet some new faces, share your professional journey, help us organize (useful) professional workshops, make the right connections, and just have a good ol' time with another human being :)

The goal of this group is to provide a space for Korean-Americans to meet and connect with other fellow Korean-Americans, right here in the O.C. We look forward providing Korean-Americans with opportunities for Professional Networking, Community Building, Social Outings, Foodie Outings, Philanthropy, Pop Culture, Civic Engagement, Music, the Arts, Cinema, Volunteerism, and Socio-Political Discussions regarding the Korean-American experience.

We seek MANY organizers so if you have an idea and are willing to host an event, please let us know and we will make you an event organizer.

Our primary language will be English.

If you are not Korean, but interested in Korean language and culture, we encourage you to check out: meetup.com/OrangeCountyKorean


You MUST provide a real photo of yourself, with your face clearly showing. SORRY, THERE ARE NO EXCEPTIONS. We also ask that you use your name for your profile (opposed to initials or a random word).

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