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We're a group on a mission to empower Oklahoma City's engineers, product people, designers, and makers to build indie software that can change the world. ⚡

We meet once every month and would love nothing more than for you to join us. Want in?

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February Meetup: Pitches & Progress!

StarSpace46, Inc.

Our third official meetup! At this point you should have an idea in mind and hopefully some accompanying materials like mockups, feature scopes, etc, but if not, come join us anyways! We'd be happy to help you sort through what you're thinking. Many of our members are still in the idea phase and others are working on building out the first version of their products. Here's what we'll be doing this month: - New pitches / updates (20min) - Main demo (Fernando - 10min) - Main demo feedback (15min) - Anything-indie-hackers-goes discussion (15min) To make sure everyone has a time to share and participate, we'll be strict about the clock. If you have slides or anything to present, please be prepared so everyone can get a chance to present! We'll normally meet on the second Thursday of the month at 6:30pm, but this month is Valentine's Day so we're doing the 28th to avoid any conflicting plans. See you there! (Also there's been a trend (though not required) of going over to Fassler Hall afterwards for sausages/drinks, and anyone is welcome! Even you don't want to eat or drink, come hang out anyways!) John, Ezrah, Matt, Ryan

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January Meetup: Pitch Night #1

StarSpace46, Inc.

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