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Women's Business & Self-Improvement Meetup

Photo of Ying" Margarita" Jiang
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Ying" Margarita" J.
Women's Business & Self-Improvement Meetup


OKC Entrepreneur Group Presents
Woman’s Business & Self-Improvement Meetup
A monthly meeting with a guest speaker with a story & business to share!

  • We are relaunching this meetup after a much-needed retreat from COVID
  • Temporary location until we secure a permanent place to meet.

This is an opportunity to learn, grow and evolve entrepreneurs by developing life-changing skills and conversing with like-minded women. We want to create a peer group environment to connect with fellow women to improve and cultivate entrepreneurship, leadership, communication, self-development, and work-life balance.

FREE to attend. Bring a like-minded guest!

Have great conversations about entrepreneurialism, success, building a successful business, and chasing the American dream. We have from newbies to multimillionaire attendees. Sit around with like-minded individuals & network, you never know who you will meet!

You become like those you hang out with & associate with on a consistent basis. You never know what you may learn, from one simple idea to a groundbreaking epiphany that could change your life! The power of like-minded conversations should never be underestimated!

FREE to attend. Bring a like-minded guest!

It's all about the conversation!

Free to Attend!
Every Second Thursday
Time : 5:30 pm -7:30pm

  • Net working 5;30 pm -5:45 pm

  • Audience recognition: 5:45pm -6 pm

  • Speaker: 6 pm

Place: Bluecrest Financial Alliances
1300 N Walker Ave, Ste 200, Oklahoma City, OK 73103

Margarita Jiang
Woman Extraordinaire Entrepreneur!
Sponsor: OKC Entrepreneur Group, Spearhead Realty, MaM Massage & Spa

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OKC Entrepreneur Group
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