Art + Technology Meetup No. 13: CREATIVE CODING !



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OK! Transmit Meetup No. 13: CREATIVE CODING !

Monday, September 23rd is a SHOP (workshop).

WHERE: Station House Downtown St. Pete!
Bookworm Room, 260 1st ave S., St. Pete, FL 33701

During this 2-hour (evening) SHOP we will introduce the concept of creative coding; demonstrate how artists are employing code in their work; and then conduct a workshop for getting started using p5js!

*NO PREVIOUS EXPERIENCE NECESSARY* … BUT Bring your Mac, PC, Linux laptop and come explore artistic expression using computational media and creative coding!

You can learn more about it here:

Can't wait to see you there!




Participants are encouraged to bring a laptop computer in order to work along with shared examples.

NOTE: The workshop is designed for those with no knowledge of on creative coding with p5js. However, some computer literacy and familiarity with coding is helpful. Due to time constraints and the inevitable range of experience we have in our group, demonstrations may move at a pace that seems fast. If coding is completely unfamiliar, please do not become discouraged. This material will be unfamiliar for many, and will require additional time in exploration on one's own time after the event. We will try to make it as accessible as possible during the time we have and provide pointers for learning the materials on your own afterward.





OK! Transmit seeks to build a diverse and collaborative community focused on cross-disciplinary art and technology practices.

Topics and interests include: Creative Coding; Algorithmic & Generative Art; Machine Learning; Bio Art; Robotic & Kinetic Art; Interactive Media Installations; Experimental Light & Sound; Experimental Music & Sound; Film & Animation; AR/VR & Game Art; as well as Traditional Crafts Transformed.


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