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Welcome to the World Tai chi Boxing Association/Erle Montaigue's Fa-Jing Ch'uan School of Fighting and Healing.

Indoor Classes are held at:

Green Lanes, TCCA on Wednesday 7-9pm, near turnpike lane.

Outdoor classes held in Finsbury park on Saturdays and Sundays 12-2pm

Group classes are two hours, the first hour is focused on qi gong/taichi form, the second hour is push hands and self defense.

Saturdays: In the park Pay 5£ an hour. Both hours are free on your introductory class.

Wednesdays: Two Instructors, Indoor training.
Pay 10£ for one hour, 15£ for two.

Private lessons also available. 1 hour, 15£. 2 hours, 20£. 3 hours, 30£

The Old Yang style is a style of T'ai Chi Ch'uan developed originally by its founder, Yang Lu-Ch'an in the 19th century a style that has its roots in Wudang Chuan and Dim-Mak, which confers on its Medical/Martial nature. Consequently this was intended to lead the practitioner to be attuned with the universe.

Nowadays what is widely known as Yang style T'ai Chi Ch'uan is the style developed by one of Yang Lu-Ch'an's grandsons, Yang Chengfu; a man who did an extraordinary job by simplifying the form and training methods to make them more accessible to everybody, regardless of their current health condition or age. However, the old yang form was gradually stripped of its medical/martial origin by subsequent generations of practitioners, making it impossible to achieve the unmeasurable potential this art has to offer.

The original or Old yang style passed down by Yang Lu-Ch'an's other grandson, Yang Shou-hou was preserved by the World Taiji Boxing Association, which enables the serious practitioner to take advantage of all the benefits offered through learning this style of Taiji. This training takes the practitioner through self healing, martial and eventually medical levels of apprenticeship and practice.

Primary Training:

-Taiji Training methods

-Self Healing and Martial Qi Gong

-Yang Lu-Ch'an's tai chi form

-Push Hands (Tui shou)

-Self Defense training

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