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Sweat it Out to ALL the Throwback Jams and Party Like its 1999!
Every Wednesday we blow the roof off Evolution Studios! Don't let the thought of having to move and groove or — gasp! — “shake it” make your heart start pounding. #WorkoutWednesday night OSS is taught at a Beginner/Intermediate level. Students range from 16-65 years old. SCOUTS HONOR!! Nothing in the world matters when the lights start flashing and the speakers are bumping so leave all your worries at the door. We come together to enjoy the music and movement that energizes our LIFE! NO judgement. Feel free to RSVP on MeetUp or pay me (Luckie) directly via cash or card. I also take PayPal and Venmo. Class Pass ---> $50 for 4 classes ---- $100 for 8 classes ** A FEW TIPS ** Be sure to eat a hearty snack that will keep you energized throughout class. Nonstop moving means water is a must. If possible, bring one that has a sport top so you easily grab and sip in a matter of seconds. You can wear simple running or athletic shoes and comfortable, breathable fabrics. One thing to know for sure, you will be sweating a lot, so make sure your fabric helps manage the moisture. Bring a towel. OSS tends to create a ton of sweat, and you don’t want to wipe down your face with your shirt the whole time. Get to class at least 10 minutes early to leave time to ask the instructor about the movements you’re going to be doing. Have bad knees? An aching back? Address these concerns before the music starts pumping, so the instructor can provide you with modified movements that will apply less pressure on your bad joints. Remember to drink a lot of water the rest of the evening to rehydrate what you’ve lost by sweating during class. If you’re feeling cramped and stiff the next day, not to worry. Your body’s likely not used to using these muscle groups and will adjust over time. Simply wait a few days and continue to stretch before you get back out on the dance floor.

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Evolution Dance Studios

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What we're about

Have you ever wanted to Push It like Salt N Peppa or felt 2Legit2Quit like MC Hammer? If you're looking for a group of people who like to let loose, get fit, and have fun; Old School Skinny is the place to be!! Join us every week for cardio dance party unlike any other.

When you come to class, leave all your stress at the door. Feel free to sing along and share an uninhibited joy for life through movement thats sure to have you kicking up a 2step everywhere you go! Losing weight along the way is just an added bonus. Its time to GROOVE INTO A NEW YOU

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Old School Skinny is not a workout; it's a Work It Out! Grab an extra bottle of water for this hour long, fully interactive, high energy house party.

Class opens with a 15 minute 'watch and repeat' style warm up aimed at improving flexibility, relieving stress through breathing techniques, and maximizing range of motion.

We'll pick up the pace with a nonstop mix of Hip Hop movements that not only improves cardio stamina and calorie burn, but strategically targets and tones all major muscle groups. Although very challenging, OSS classes are moderation friendly. Its all about letting loose and feeling the groove! Dancers are encouraged to move around the room and interact with others. Then we'll finish up with a tribute to the legendary Soul Train Line before the final cool down stretch.

Regardless of age or ability, Old School Skinny allows everyone to get lost in the moment and release their inner dancer while sweating it out on the dance floor. Its a fun approach to shedding unwanted pounds and will literally have you dancing everywhere you go. Each class is a unique experience so bring BIG energy and get ready for a funky good time.

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