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Do you want a kick-ass army of allies that have your back, encourage you to live big, and are there to help you create, mastermind and bring into the world what you know is possible...and have fun in the process?

The Ollin Alliance (pronounced “ALL-in”) is a community of passionate explorers and leaders of all types that want to learn and practice the advanced skills of personal, collaborative and collective mastery in order to create a truly emergent leading-edge community.

Wanting to collaborate and contribute to the common good is awesome! However it’s not enough. There is the need for a fundamental shift in the way we collaborate and create together.

We use the analogy of shifting from an “Orchestra” hierarchy to a “Jazz Improv” collaboration….where everyone shares there unique gifts and what gets created is even greater than any one person could imagine. However, most of us have not been taught how to collaborate, or how to work with larger dynamics of culture and community.

In order to make that shift, we need individually and collectively...expanded skills, frameworks and perspectives. We need a forum to learn, practice and experiment. We hope to offer that and more through The Ollin Alliance.

Do you want to...

- Learn & Practice Evolving Edge Skills
- Go Beyond Traditional Networking
- Get Your Work Out in the World & Have a Positive Impact
- Collaborate & Create Collective Ventures that Benefit the World

Types of Events:
We will be offering a variety of event types and price points.

- How to Get the Most out of The Alliance Orientation Evenings
- Themed Support & Facilitated Networking
- Personal Process & Mastery Forums
- Professional Training Classes & Workshops
- Facilitation & Leadership Training
- Marketing & Promotions Support
- Collaborative Conferences

This group is the local leadership community of The Ollin Institute. ( Membership is currently free.

Check out our Manifesto. (

For more information see the Ollin Institute website.

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