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What we’re about

Welcome to Omaha Live Music and Movies Enthusiasts, Etc!!

Who is a member of Omaha Live Music an movies Enthusiasts Etc?

To be a member you must be a smart savvy person who likes music and movies like yourself.

Is Omaha Live Music and Movies Enthusiasts, Etc. looking for Co-Organizers?

Sure are!! Please contact Melody if you interested in hosting an event. Hosts are required to have to have a meeting point at the beginning of the event and be a host to new members. Band members looking to advertise their concerts may not be the best hosts as performing takes most of their time. Please have a “host” if you are a member of a band and wish to co-organize an event.

Most of All…have fun!! Omaha has become a hub for many film and music, etc. venues! I look forward to exploring these with you all!

The activities outlined below are STRICTLY prohibited:

1. Showing up to our events unannounced. Please RSVP to any events you plan to attend.
2. Being disrespectful to organizers, event hosts, members, or general public
3. Sending overly personal messages, sleazy attempts to flirt – ‘You look lovely in your profile picture’ – you know the kind of thing.
4. Using a fake profile. It’s okay to not want to use your real full name or picture. However, false accounts will be removed. Only real people are permitted to join this group, and itself.
5. Continually RSVPing yes to an event then not attending. This includes No Shows and last minute cancellations (I am human and understand emergencies)

What happens if you break the rules?

First offence:
Second offence: If there is a wait-list you will be moved over on to the wait list so that people who want and will go can.
Third offence: Member is removed from group.

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