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What we’re about

Omaha's Java User Group @omahajug. For Developer Professionals of all languages and frameworks -- traditionally those that run in the JVM including Java, Kotlin, Groovy, Micronaut, Grails, Scala, Android, Javascript, etc. More and more we also cover enterprise and web dev (👋 Typescript, React, Vue, etc) topics such as architecture, testing, security, devops, cloud (AWS, GCP, Azure), and more! Promoting the Omaha Dev community, supporting each other, sharing some pizza, and hanging out to socialize after the meetings! 
Twitter: @omahajug
Please join our Google Groups mailing list too!!forum/omaha-java-users-group
Proud member of Tech Omaha

Thank you to DevObsessed for sponsoring our fees!

If your group would like to sponsor OJUG, please reach out for opportunities! We'd love to have additional sponsors for meeting locations, food, and drinks!