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OCC Event: Applied Dao by Jeongmok- Practical Solutions for Stress

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Spring is on its way and it is a brilliant time to clear out the old and come back to your peaceful center. The workshops, Retreats, intensives, and teacher training courses with JeongMok offer many opportunities to explore yourself, transform your fears and pain into consciousness, strengthen your inner witnessing awareness, and come closer to the silent stillness of your inner presence.

This workshop is specifically designed by JeongMok to help you fast-forward your healing and awakening from unconscious parts of life. In a very short time you can accomplish more than what you would achieve through years of therapy or silent sitting meditation practice. It will help to catalyze a 180 degree turn in your life and personal energy, and will automatically change your perception of yourself and the world around you. JeongMok will look into your energy and let you know the exact thought-forms, beliefs, conditionings and emotions that are blocking your consciousness and sabotaging your inner peace of creative & productive life.

With JoengMok’s loving guidance, you will learn how to quickly process and transcend ingrained patterns, self-sabotaging thoughts, negative emotions, and difficult situations using the most sophisticated techniques for inner alchemy. If you have the courage to risk facing your ego-mind, has the strength, ability, and wisdom to help you quickly cut through the layers of your unconsciousness and liberate your being into the health of consciousness and live with greater awareness. This workshop will give you the tools and inspiration to move to the next phase of life in deep sense of integration and wholeness.

The workshop also offers an opportunity to ask questions pertaining to your health, relationships, life situation, and personal transformation, learn new meditation techniques, share with like-minded individuals in a group, stay focused on your spiritual journey & life its full potential. JeongMok looks into your energy every hour to assist you in working through all the main energy points in your body. You also learn the state-of-the-art tools for inner transformation and see the effects play out in your life.

Through breathing in awareness & Guided Meditation and JeongMok’s individual guidance, you will be able to:

• Access deeper layers of your unconscious.

• Heal into consciousness by understanding and transcending your mind and its patterns.

• Detoxify your being from suppressed thoughts and emotions.

• Purify your body and energy from psychological and emotional wounds that keep your wounded ego alive.

• Release perpetuating patterns of pain & suffering from your body's cellular memory.

• Break through self-imposed and collective conditionings and find your true inner power for creative, productive peaceful life.

• Experience your innocence and inner being.

• Get in touch with your essence and potential and be in charge of your own life.

• Learn how to be your own friend and master.

• Transform stress, loneliness, insecurity, and depression into consciousness and inner joy.

• Improve your physical health and become more playful.

• Discover what you need to do in order to live your full potential and life purpose.

Through JeongMok’s individual guidance as an “Applied Dao”, you will be able to reintegrate your life with rhythm of nature within. Also all that you will learn during these workshops can be applied in the everyday life in order for you to continue your own development and spiritual growth. This workshop will teach you how to save hours of counseling and healing appointments, and many doctor's visits by unblocking your energy yourself; simply and effectively. Spring is on its way and it is a brilliant time to clear out the old and come back to your peaceful center, Bring a list of all your issues, receive individual guidance, and see yourself transform!