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Are you interested in sharing in and learning more about Spirituality? Kristina offers a variety of classes in Spiritual Development as well as Psychic Gallery Readings, Individual Psychic Readings and Public Speaking for your event.

Then this is the group for you!

Many of our events take place in the Milwaukee area, most at the Universal Awareness Center.

Open by appointment and for special events. For more information about Universal Awareness Center please contact Keridak Silk at 303-887-6477 or email her at keri@intuitivesinternational.com .

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Be The Change Radio Show With Special Guest Laura Nicolaisen

Needs a location

Welcome Laura Nicolaisen! We will be talking about the value of having a coach and how to use your coach to achieve what you want to achieve.

Laura is Career Transformation Coach and Life Strategist who is a Midwesterner at heart being from Omaha, NE while having lived in her current city of Milwaukee, WI for half of her life. With a strong sense of spirituality, Laura knows that we are all connected and along with a strong professional background at various universities, an international consulting firm and a start-up, she believes that everyone has strengths that they can utilize to do what they love inside and outside of work while also contributing to their communities.

Laura collaborates with clients on being reflective and finding their strengths, creating and maintaining a positive mindset, while also transforming and assisting them towards the right career path for them including the technical aspects of putting their job search materials together. Personally, Laura loves animals, reading, working out, eating healthy, going to the theater and traveling domestically and abroad. “Laura collaborates with her clients on reflecting and transforming their careers to move forward to their next career stop while continuing to maintain a mindful career direction for continued career success.”


Séance on Zoom

Needs a location


Tickets are $35 Per Person
REGISTER HERE: https://link.waveapps.com/ftzkjn-sa75w9

Using a combination of Channeling and Mediumship, Kristina opens a safe space that allows your loved ones to visit. We also invite others from the other side, such as world leaders, musicians and other famous people to share their insights with us if they would like. Think about who you would like to hear from. Family, friends, your favorite actors or musicians. We will take a few minutes at the beginning of the Séance to make a list to get us started.

Because this Séance is on an online format, I'm going to ask you to bring some atmosphere of your own. I suggest that you keep the lights fairly low, but bright enough that we can all see each other. You may want to light a candle or burn some sage or incense if that calls to you. Set yourself in a quiet space where you can concentrate and connect to the energy of the "circle".

This is safe and fun environment to create a bridge to the Light!

Remember, after you purchase a ticket the link for the Séance will be emailed to you.

Tickets are $35 Per Person.
REGISTER HERE: https://link.waveapps.com/ftzkjn-sa75w9

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