Community Pioneer: How and Why I Built my CMS Based on ArangoDB & openresty.

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Join us and our Community Pioneer, Olivier Bonnaure on May 20th at 9AM PDT / 12PM EDT / 6PM CET to learn more about his ArangoDB and openresty project.

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About this talk:

During this talk Olivier will explain how the heart of his CMS works (mainly based on ArangoDB JS Framework) through:
- how to quickly create new websites and create new datasets dynamically.
- how to create a dynamic view based on an AQL syntax.
- how to manage web components (based on RiotJS) with a connection to an API he will build with the CMS directly.
- how to upload files & images via a Foxx service.

Olivier was introduced to ArangoDB and openresty at a meetup in Hong Kong a few years ago. Olivier thought it was a good idea to use both platforms to build his own tool. The stack was atypic and Olivier believed he was one of the first ones doing this, which was very exciting.

Olivier first worked on his "foxxy" project which is a JavaScript app to manage his models and create admin UIs (based on ArangoDB as well).

Olivier's main goal was to have a CMS to build an app quickly, so he called it Fasty. He also wanted to mutualize his server resources to meet his requirements:
- Low memory consumption for frontend (openresty based app)
- Multi-tenant
- I18n
- Ability to manage his Rest API (Foxx) via the CMS
- Workflow (work on dev, publish on staging or production)
- Use your favorite text editor locally to update your CMS content (Olivier made the NPM module fasty-cli)
- Merge Foxxy into Fasty

Of course during the development Olivier added more features and today multiple website are already running on Fasty and pretty fast.

Wednesday May 20th: 9AM PDT / 12 EDT / 6PM CET.

About the Speaker:
Olivier Bonnaure is a French developer working for remote companies all around the world. From Hong Kong to Abidjan to NYC. During the last 13 years he mainly worked with Ruby language. He worked on different kinds of industries for a lot of projects. He is now working full time on ArangoDB-based projects.

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