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<Free Online Event>International exchange (Only Japanese language)✨日本語だけで国際交流

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<Free Online Event>International exchange (Only Japanese language)✨日本語だけで国際交流


Let's enjoy online international exchange in only Nihongo🎉
This event is held in 15 countries and 24 cities at the same time!
Please speak in Japanese even if you are from the same countries.
So Japanese people who are not good at English can participate easily and this is a cozy event.
Foreign visitors can also study Japanese.
There are people from all age groups and all different backgrounds and nationalities that attend this event every time👫

  1. Speak only Japanese.
  2. We make a group of about 4 people.

(We change or adjust the group about every 30 minutes so that you can talk to as many people as possible.)
3. It is free of charge.
4. I don't ask unnecessary information without name and nationality.
(Please add your nationality after your zoom name.
You don't have to ask others, and I make adjustments so that you can talk to people from various countries as much as possible.)
5. You can also study Business Japanese since there is a Japanese teacher.
(If you are super beginner, please add "super beginner" to the name of ZOOM and we may adjust the group on the day.)
(Japan time 21:00~22:00)
Participation and exit on the way are OK.
Price : Free
Zoom Meeting ID: 840 7022 8451
(PW of Zoom is not necessary.)

※「Video/camera on(face visible)」 is required.
※Advertising and solicitation activities such as politics, religion, and network business are strictly prohibited. (If you receive such a solicitation after the exchange meeting, please inform the organizer. We prohibit the participation of the person)
If you want more information, please contact below.
(FAQ: how to enter your group/ breakout room in zoom)
Every 30 minutes, your group(room) is changed in the zoom.
As for how to enter breakout room, please refer to the following image.
(When you participate in zoom, it will be displayed on the screen of your PC or smartphone.)

  1. 日本語のみを使う。
  2. 4人位のグループにしてなるべく多くの方と話せるように約30分ごとにグループを変えたり調整します。
  3. 無料
  4. 名前と国籍以外で不要な個人情報を要求しない。

5. 日本語教師もいますので日本語、ビジネス日本語の勉強もできます。
時間: 17:45~18:45
Zoom ミーティング ID: 840 7022 8451


Photo of Enjoy Japanese!  Nepal in 15 countries ~日本語だけの国際交流会~ group
Enjoy Japanese! Nepal in 15 countries ~日本語だけの国際交流会~
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