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What we’re about

This is your chance to start your life with your whole heart. When was the last time you truly connected with yourself? With anything?

Our group programs, meet-ups, and workshops connect you with:

- Active participation in and conversation on self-improvement, self-discovery, and overcoming obstacles

- Hobbies, skills, gifts that perhaps you didn’t know you had

- A community of like-minded people

- Your fears, anxieties, struggles

- Personal growth that comes from the challenge and discomfort of stepping out of your comfort zone

- Solution-based strategies, real-world implementation, and using more engaging methods of influence to make your life better and feel more authentic

Let us rejoin you with the parts of your head and heart that you may have set aside. Rediscover your fun side, your creative gifts. Feel more complete, fulfilled, satisfied. Not only will this help bring you toward personal health and happiness, but it will impact and influence your home life, your work life; your relationships.

Shake free of the chaos, unhealthy habits and routines. Create balance. Explore. Get Up.