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Open Lab Wednesday - DNA Barcoding 101

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780 East Cordova · Vancouver, BC

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This Wednesday we will meet at our biolab at MakerLabs. At the front entrance just say you are going upstairs to OSN and take the east stairs up, we are right around the corner at the top to the right.

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The use of nucleotide sequence variations to investigate evolutionary relationships is not a new concept. DNA barcoding is a method that uses a short genetic marker in an organism's DNA to identify it as belonging to a particular species. In 2003, Paul D.N. Hebert from the University of Guelph, Ontario, Canada, proposed the compilation of a public library of DNA barcodes that would be linked to named specimens. This library would "provide a new master key for identifying species, one whose power will rise with increased taxon coverage and with faster, cheaper sequencing".

We will be discussing the DNA barcoding technique and how it can be applied to meta-barcoding the microorganisms in Kombucha SCOPYs.

There are no requirements for these meetups, just come yourself, meet anyone and everyone involved, learn about potential projects, propose your own, and see our lab as it has evolved until now!

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