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The Open Science Network (DIYbio YVR)
The Open Science Network (DIYbio YVR)
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780 East Cordova · Vancouver, BC

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This Wednesday we will meet at our biolab at MakerLabs. At the front entrance just say you are going upstairs to OSN and take the east stairs up, we are right around the corner at the top to the right.

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Genetically Modified (GM) resources seem to pop up in conversations almost daily. As people begin to ask questions about what goes into the food we eat, we need to make sure to find answers that are accurate and relevant.Come down to OSN for an open discussion on the role of GM in food, medicine, and research. We'll talk about the different types of genetic modification, as well as the uses and benefits of some GM commodities on the market. We will also discuss controversies and strategies to manage concerns responsibly.

Atilla is a consulting engineer by day and part of the protein expression group at OSN by night. He dabbled in proteins while at university, before crossing the floor to the dark side (engineering). Atilla is always excited to be learning about all the neat things that people bring together in community biology!

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