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OLW - Semantic Web Technologies in Biotech Research

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Scott and Dan F.


Semantic Web Technologies in Biotech Research: The 'Semantic Web' is a vision for an evolved world-wide web where computers can automatically 'reason' about the contents of web resources. By embedding 'ontological meaning' into resources on the web, we can help computers to search for information, make comparisons and drive new scientific discoveries. I'll briefly discuss the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) technologies for the semantic web (XML, RDF, OWL) and some more user-friendly technologies for working with this information. We'll discuss the possibilities this technology could open for scientists in the future, and what its limitations may be.

Bio: Dan has studied molecular biology, medical genetics and software development. He has experience working in both academic labs and the biotech industry, where he specializes in 'next-generation' DNA sequencing.

This is a free talk but donations to Open Science Network are most welcome. We will pass the beaker!

Conceived in the spirit of the VHS's open nights, Open Lab Wednesdays are an opportunity to connect with the lab, meet the people working on project, bring whatever your working on, whatever ideas you have, to an informal meet'n'greet at our lab. Member's are often present doing PCR, pipetting enzymes, having fun. Some Open Lab Wednesdays will have a speaker present a topic of interest to the community or a workshop/demonstration. If you would like to do a talk please email us your ideas at info at opensciencenet dot com. Don't forget to signup on our mailing list (

There are no requirements for these meetups, just come yourself, meet anyone and everyone involved, learn about potential projects, propose your own, and see our lab as it has evolved until now!

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How to find us

This Wednesday we will meet at our biolab at MakerLabs. At the front entrance just say you are going upstairs to OSN and take the east stairs up, we are right around the corner at the top to the right.

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