OLW - Your Diet. Your DNA.

The Open Science Network (DIYbio YVR)
The Open Science Network (DIYbio YVR)
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780 East Cordova · Vancouver, BC

How to find us

This Wednesday we will meet at our biolab at MakerLabs. At the front entrance just say you are going upstairs to OSN and take the east stairs up, we are right around the corner at the top to the right.

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Ever wonder why a diet that works well for someone else doesn't work for you? Confused about whether coffee is good for you or bad for you and why the answer seems to change all the time? Puzzled about whether you really need to be spending money on expensive vitamin supplements? Curious about why your body responds differently than others to the same foods, nutrients and workout routines? The answers are in your genes.

The food we consume may be the same, but our bodies metabolize and interpret that food very differently. Come and join Joanna Bowen, Certified Nutritional Practitioner to learn how advances in our understanding of DNA continue to evolve the field of nutrition.

Conceived in the spirit of the VHS's open nights, Open Lab Wednesdays are an opportunity to connect with the lab, meet the people working on project, bring whatever your working on, whatever ideas you have, to an informal meet'n'greet at our lab. Member's are often present doing PCR, pipetting enzymes, having fun. Some Open Lab Wednesdays will have a speaker present a topic of interest to the community or a workshop/demonstration. If you would like to do a talk please email us your ideas at info at opensciencenet dot com. Don't forget to signup on our mailing list (http://www.opensciencenet.org).

There are no requirements for these meetups, just come yourself, meet anyone and everyone involved, learn about potential projects, propose your own, and see our lab as it has evolved until now!

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