• What is Open Serverless? Brought to you by NYC BigApps and Google Functions

    Serverless technology is enabling an open source renaissance, giving independent developers access to resources without needing to manage their own infrastructure. For our first meetup, we teamed up with Google and NYC BigApps Blockchain (www.bigapps.nyc) to bring industry and community experts together to explore what a distributed serverless future means for development teams. Thank you to our sponsor *Google Cloud for Startups*. Learn more about their serverless platform at https://cloud.google.com/serverless NYC BigApps Blockchain is powered by NYCEDC and SecondMuse, a collaboration agency that works with visionary governments, organizations and startups to build future economies. Learn more at www.secondmuse.com. Agenda: 6:30-7:00pm: Arrive, network, snacks and drinks 7:00-7:20pm: Opening remarks from our sponsors and Will Mcleod, Co-founder of autom(8) 7:20-8:00pm: Panel discussion and Q&A with Google's Serverless Developer Advocate Bret McGowen, autom(8) Co-founder Gregg Altschul, and Gitlab Product Manager Madeleine Clark. 8:00-8:15pm: Community Announcements 8:15-8:30pm: Networking