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Sensible Attraction: A game of senses

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Price: $10.00 /per person
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What are the primal laws of human attraction?

In this fun activity, we will explore what senses mean to attraction. There will be four rounds.

• Round 1: Smell

While blindfolded, you will have 30 seconds to smell each participant and rate the experience on a scale of 1-10.

• Round 2: Touch

Still blindfolded, you will hold each participant's hands for 30 seconds and rate the experience.

• Round 3: Sound

Last round wearing a blindfold. Participants will take turns saying a standard sentence. You will rate the tonality of each participant.

• Round 4: Sight

Participants will take turns standing up and you will rate the visual attractiveness of each person.


The common perception is that attractiveness is based on visual cues, but how much do the other senses contribute to your sense of attraction? Our hypothesis is that smell, or olfaction, has a larger influence on attraction, however it is so subtle that it is mostly subconsciously perceived.

Check out an overview of the experiment (

Although we are exploring attraction, everybody is encouraged to participate, including couples. This is meant as a fun exploration, and if any matches emerge then even better!

You can opt-in to me matched to other participants based on our algorithm that values the senses of smell, touch, and hearing over sight. You may also opt-in to receive your average scores in each category.

We are charging $10 to participate, mainly to solidify your commitment to actually come and to cover the basic expenses. You can begin to arrive at 6:00 but do not arrive any later than 6:15 because we will begin and will not allow anyone else in. After the experiment, which should last about two hours max, we will end the night with a small social and a discussion about the experience.

• Crisp beer assortment provided by South Street Brewery (

• Delicious coffee provided by Milli Coffee Roasters ( (Milli Joe)

• We'll have some eats, as well

You will be emailed a participant instruction sheet and a demographic form so we can do some interesting number crunching in the background.

Our visual based culture doesn't seem to serve us, so let's figure out what really matters. Who nose what we'll find! *snicker*

If you need help finding us and parking, check out this nifty map (!

Questions, concerns, experimental advice, additional input? Please contact Mark @[masked]


Special thanks to Open Bio Labs for hosting, South Street Brewery for providing beer, Milli Joe for fresh-roasted coffee, and the people of Charlottesville for interest and encouragement!