From Blockchain to DAI for beginners


This workshop is targeting beginners, who have barely any knowledge about blockchain and crypto economics.

In the first part, we will go through basic blockchain terminology, smart contracts, ethereum, tokens and stablecoins.

In the second part we will take a closer look at one of the most interesting project in a blockchain space - MakerDAO.

You will learn what MakerDAO is and why people call it a first decentralized central bank. In simple terms, we will explain how can anyone mint DAI stablecoins using MakerDAO and smart contracts.

🔶At the end of this workshop, you will also learn how to download and use simple ethereum wallet where we will send you some DAI tokens to experiment with.🔶

You do not need any prior knowledge and don’t have to bring anything apart from your mobile phone. All links and additional study materials will be provided with those who will be interested in.

🍕There will also be free food and drinks, courtesy of our sponsor 🍕

🎥This event will be live streamed on our YouTube channel - 🎥

🔶This event is sponsored by MakerDAO 🔶

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