What we're about

Thinking about launching a small business or just getting on your feet?

Contemplating or finding yourself in the middle of a divorce?

Thinking about investing in or developing real estate?

Own your own construction business or are you about to undertake a large construction project?

Looking to simply get better at managing money?

Our purpose is to organize small and informal get-togethers lead by special guest speakers, who are local attorneys or accountants. Think of it as seminars or continuing education for non-lawyers or non-accountants.

The goal is to get exactly the education and information you need, as quickly and cheaply as possible, and move on with your life. Business and social networking are merely incidental, but not at all a focus of this group.

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Managing Accounts Receivables

Savino's Hideaway

In this get-together, we discuss the importance of managing accounts receivables, and how to effectively manage AR. Topics will include: - No Contract = No Work - Attorney’s Fees - Interest - Statement of Account - Story Letters - Escalation to Small Claims - Escalation to Formal Collections Additionally, everyone is more than welcome and encouraged to share their horror stories with the rest of the group.

Negotiation (Basics & Essentials)

Cheesecake Factory

At this get-together, we discuss topics such as: - Anchoring - BATNA - Western v. Eastern Philosophies - Consistency - Likability - Reciprocity - Creating value - Flexibility - Collaborative negotiation v. haggling - Reputation As well as sharing personal war stories and experiences with one another.

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Seed & Early Stage Startup Businesses


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