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Sašo is a digital marketing expert, passionate strategist and CEO at Madwise - Performance Marketing Agency.

Being active in the marketing sector for over 15 years, Sašo Palčič has contributed to the brand development process of many leading Slovenian and regional brands such as Red Bull, Swarovski, Ford, Elan, A1, Nike, TUŠ and many more.

He firmly believes in giving that extra 10%. Exactly that amount of extra effort that you can get from an interesting lecture, meaningful conversation, waking up early in the morning, taking care of yourself, reading a good book or at least making the time to breathe in and breathe out.

Discovering and unraveling the secrets of human nature, being present in the moment and acting responsibly towards the environment and society had become his mantra, shaped in a routine. He sees discipline as a principle and time – well, he takes the time for it
The unbeaten paths challenge him and he strives to climb towards agile development, using lean and scrum techniques together with his team. Leading by example, he intuitively encourages them to discovery, acceptance, change and responsibility
Sašo finds joy in organizing meetups with likeminded people where they debate each other’s perspectives and motivations that encourage a better tomorrow. He understands the power of habits and the power to change them. Sašo cherishes a great dialogue that occurs from disagreement, likes to discuss progress over a beer but fancies eating his breakfast in peace and quiet.

What about you – how does giving your extra 10 % look like?

During this talk you will learn:

- how NOT to start a company
- why building a company culture is art
- how to have fun doing it


5:00pm — 5:30pm

5:30pm − 6:30pm
Saso's talk and questions from the community

6:30pm − 7:30pm